Why is My HVAC Thermostat in Recovery Mode in Oxford, FL?

You may have noticed “Recovery” or “Smart Recovery” on your HVAC thermostat depending on its model. It may sound like your thermostat in Oxford, FL, is recovering from a problem. However, recovery mode doesn’t necessarily mean your HVAC thermostat has an issue. Read on to learn more about it what’s causing it.

What’s Recovery Mode?

Present-time thermostats allow you to input a program for your desired settings in varied periods. When you’re away, the gadget enters energy-saving mode to reduce wastage. Your device enters recovery mode during the transition between this energy-saving mode and the new temperature setting.

The recovery mode tells your HVAC system to adjust to the new temperature setting beforehand. This action ensures your home reaches the desired temperature at the right time.

Reasons for Recovery Mode

The main reason your HVAC thermostat will be in recovery mode is its design. Your device has this feature to save energy and achieve desired home comfort.

You can expect recovery mode after a power surge or glitch. During this period, the thermostat resets itself, deletes your settings and returns to default settings. Sometimes, the thermostat can assume a schedule of a different day of the week.

Another explanation for recovery mode is a malfunctioning HVAC system. This happens when the system works harder than expected but can’t achieve the desired settings. This scenario makes the HVAC thermostat remain in frequent or constant recovery mode.

Changing Recovery Mode

Enabling recovery mode at all times will allow you to enjoy benefits. Some of them include:

  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Increased comfort.
  • Timely identification of issues with your HVAC system.
  • Less strain on your system.

Turning recovery mode on or off is simple; you can do this by choosing your preference in the Settings dialog. However, you may need to check the manufacturer’s guide for some programmable thermostats, as they can be quite tricky to maneuver. Before you turn it off, consult with your HVAC service technicians to check if all system components are working well.

If you want to learn more about heating and air conditioners, contact DeSantis Appliance & AC Service INC. We’re experts in HVAC installations, maintenance, repairs and indoor air quality services.

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