What Makes a Furnace Overheat in Wildwood, FL?

Homeowners in Wildwood, FL, understand how frustrating it can be to have a furnace that’s overheating during the winter. Although modern furnaces have a safety feature that turns them off to prevent damage to parts due to overheating, having one that overheats is inconvenient. Read on to learn why your furnace may be overheating.

Old Age

Furnaces can last up to 25 years, but even the most properly installed, high-quality models will give out at one point. Over time, a furnace reaches the end of its lifespan, and the components wear out, thus causing it to overheat. Older furnaces don’t have modern security features, so they’re prone to overheating and damaging the components.

If your furnace is overheating, and it has been operational for more than a decade, the best remedy is most likely to replace it with a modern heating system. A new furnace will provide higher heating efficiency while at the same time ensuring the safety of your home.

Airflow Issues

When dealing with an overheating furnace, the first thing to analyze is any airflow issues mainly attributed to dirty or clogged air filters. An air filter’s purpose is to capture dust, dirt, and debris to prevent clogging the ventilation system.

When clogged, an air filter can block airflow, thus making the heating system overwork to make up for lost efficiency, eventually leading to overheating. If the air filter isn’t clean or replaced regularly, dirt accumulation negatively affects the motor and ultimately fails.

Mechanical Failure

After continuous use during the cold season, a furnace’s motor fans and electrical wiring may experience strain and eventually give out. When that happens, your furnace will begin to overheat; therefore, you should schedule a professional inspection of your furnace at the start of winter. Similarly, regular maintenance will go a long way in keeping your furnace in optimal working condition.

If your furnace is overheating, you can depend on DeSantis Appliance & AC Service Inc. to restore it. Contact our professionals today for impeccable heating repair and installation at DeSantis Appliance & AC Service Inc. in Wildwood, FL.

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