What is a Zoned Cooling System and How Does It Work?

Are you frustrated with areas of your home cooling differently? Why can you get comfortable in your office but not in your bedroom? Many homeowners in The Villages, Florida, have fixed uneven cooling with a zoned cooling system. By using dampers in ducts to direct air, zoned cooling systems add extra comfort and energy efficiency to your home.

What Is a Zoned Cooling System?

While a standard HVAC system connects to a single thermostat and supplies the same temperature to your entire living space, a zoned cooling system transforms your home into a collection of isolated temperature zones. By using dampers in your duct network, zoned systems can regulate and move air to specific spaces in your home. When you adjust the thermostat attached to each individual zone, the dampers in that area of the duct network open and allow more air in or close and redirect air somewhere else.

Should You Invest in a Zoned Cooling System?

One of the benefits that draw many homeowners to a zoned cooling system is its energy efficiency. A standard HVAC system tends to create cold and hot spots in the home, especially in two-story homes where heat rises to the upper levels. That uneven heating and cooling can waste energy and strain your system as it struggles to maintain comfortable temperatures. With a zoned system, you can create one zone for your upper floor and one for your lower floor, which will direct more air to the upper area, cooling it evenly with the lower level.

While zoned cooling systems can reduce your utility costs, they also come with some drawbacks. Since they require complex duct systems, zoned cooling systems can be more expensive to install. They also require more maintenance than other systems.

You and your family can enjoy personalized comfort and greater energy savings with a zoned cooling system. To see for yourself what a zoned cooling system can do for you, call DeSantis Appliance and AC Service Inc at (352) 414-2328.

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