Extending your heat pump’s regular lifespan is very doable with the best strategies and a little discipline. Although a heat pump lasts around 15 years on average, the right maintenance routine can tack nearly a decade onto its useful life. Here are the three simplest ways to make sure your heat pump in Wildwood, FL, lasts longer:

Put a Focus on Taking Care of Your Filters

To take care of your filters, you’ll need to clean them when they’re dirty or replace them when they’re no longer functioning as intended. Ideally, you should check your filter every month. Don’t wait longer than three months to clean or change your filter. Doing so will impact HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.

Make Sure Your System is the Proper Size

A heat pump that’s too small for your home will need to work far harder than designed. However, a heat pump that’s the proper size will use shorter cycles to regulate the temperature of various rooms in your home. A qualified professional can help you understand exactly which size you need, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs or replacements.

Fix Any Insulation Problems in Your Home

Similar to sizing issues, insulation issues can put undue stress on what would otherwise be a perfectly functional heat pump. To diagnose insulation issues that can lessen your heat pump’s lifespan, start by checking for cracks or leaks on your home’s walls. If you aren’t quite sure what to look for, don’t worry. A service technician can provide a detailed assessment.

Are you worried that your heat pump is going to fizzle out before it should? For quality HVAC maintenance services that can help every part of your system stand the test of time, contact DeSantis Appliance & AC Service INC today!

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