Differences Between Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

The main difference between air purifiers and air cleaners is how the devices clean the air. Air cleaners filter the air in your home by collecting particles, while air purifiers aim to sanitize it. Here are the differences between air purifiers and air cleaners in Wildwood, FL:

Technology of Air Cleaners

Air cleaners have high-efficiency particulate filters that eliminate airborne contaminants. Other air cleaners use activated carbon filters to reduce odors and volatile organic compounds. Both filters eliminate particles in the air, but high-efficiency particulate air filters filter 99.97% of particles, including the small and larger ones.

Technology of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers use specialized technology to eliminate pollutants in the air. Most feature high-efficiency particulate or activated carbon filters, but some may contain both in their devices. They also use ozone generators, ionizers, electrostatic cleaners and ultra-violent sanitizers, which use different methods to purify the air in your home.

How Electronic Air Purifiers Work

Air ionizers, also known as ionic air purifiers, release negative electrical charges that attach to positively charged pollutants to improve indoor air quality. The particles stick to nearby surfaces such as cloth, carpets and walls, where they have to be manually cleaned through regular wiping and vacuuming. Electrostatic precipitators use the same, but the particles stick to the opposing charged collection plate.

Which Should You Choose?

Air cleaners can collect large particles but cannot work against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and cigarette smoke. Consequently, an air purifier helps purify and sanitize air from airborne particles such as bacteria and cigarette smoke.

Air cleaners depend on a fan to filter the air, and when used on a high setting, this may cause noise pollution. It’s advisable to find one with a low noise rating. Both devices could be the perfect pair when you use them together.

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