Air ducts are essential in circulating cool or warm air throughout your home to improve your comfort. A buildup of materials in your ductwork restricts airflow and lowers the efficiency of your HVAC system. Here are five common things you might find in your ductwork in The Villages, FL.


Dust is very common in almost every household and consists of dead skin cells, minerals, fibers and other natural environmental materials. The buildup of dust in your air ducts and air vents can cause health problems and poor indoor air quality and clog components, reducing your system’s efficiency. You can prevent dust buildup by replacing your air filters to promote proper airflow and improve your home comfort.


Items in your indoor and outdoor can easily travel into your air vents, causing debris to block your ductwork. Small pieces of hair, soil, leaves and other environmental components contribute to dirty air ducts.

Biological Contaminants

Excess moisture in your indoor air creates a favorable environment for the growth of biological pollutants. They have serious health effects and can trigger asthma attacks. Installing dehumidifiers can help to remove excess moisture and improve your air quality.


Allergens like pet dander and pollen can collect in the air ducts and air vents of your system. They worsen allergies and cause respiratory illnesses.


Critters like mice, cockroaches, snakes and spiders can find their way into your air ducts. They block your ducts, causing inconsistencies in temperature. Eventually, they die and decompose, releasing foul odors into your home.

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