4 Top Benefits of Duct Sealing Service in Wildwood, FL

The ductwork in your home is an essential part of your HVAC system in your Wildwood, FL, home. Ducts that are leaky because of small holes, cracks, gaps or loose joints can cause problems in your home. Here are four benefits that duct sealing provides.

1. Improves HVAC Efficiency and Saves Money

Leaky ducts allow cooled and heated air to seep out before reaching the vents. This makes your AC or heater work harder, increase your energy bills and use more energy, which isn’t good for the environment. Duct sealing closes problematic leaks, makes your system run more efficiently and saves you money on monthly bills.

2. Provides Cleaner Air for Better IAQ

Humidity, dust, hair, fumes and other contaminants can get inside ductwork that leaks. Your home’s indoor air quality suffers. Your family members with allergies or respiratory problems may suffer as well due to poor indoor air quality. Sealing your duccts keeps contaminants out of your ductwork.

3. Improves Comfort

Have you ever noticed that some rooms are more comfortable than others? One explanation for this is that some of your ductwork is leaking the conditioned air before it reaches its destination. Duct sealing can solve this problem.

4. Increases Safety

Your home’s ductwork is specifically designed to assist with your HVAC system’s ventilation. Leaky ducts can create a dangerous situation called backdrafting that can allow carbon monoxide to get into your living spaces. Duct sealing prevents this problem from developing and helps keep your family safe.

Clean and airtight ducts are essential to a healthy heating and cooling system. Having your ductwork cleaned and inspected can alert you as to whether you need duct sealing. Contact DeSantis Appliance & AC Service Inc. today to schedule your inspection appointment and find out if your HVAC system in Wildwood, FL, can benefit from duct sealing.

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