Your clothes dryer, like other appliances, will most likely need a repair now and then. You can save both money and time by catching maintenance problems early and calling a dryer repair technician at the first indication of trouble. Discover these signs that you need a technician to repair your malfunctioning dryer in Wildwood, FL.

1. You Notice a Burning Smell

A burning smell from your clothes dryer typically signifies that you need to change the lint basket. Another cause could be a jammed or broken hose that’s preventing hot air from escaping. To avert the possibility of a fire, call a repair technician as soon as you notice a burning odor from the dryer.

2. The Drum Isn’t Spinning

You could be expecting the worst from your dryer when the drum suddenly stops spinning, but a professional can quickly fix this issue. When the drum stops spinning, a snapped belt could be the culprit. You need an experienced repair technician to inspect the drum and determine if the problem is that it needs a new belt. .

3. Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If your clothes no longer dry within the same amount of time as before, something is wrong with the appliance. An airflow obstruction causes damp air inside the spinning drum, which might increase the drying time. Clothes taking too long to dry could also signify a failing component like the thermostat, so it’s best to schedule appliance repair services to fix the issue.

4. The Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

A cycle stop can be a sign of an electrical issue with the clothes dryer. It could also indicate that the dryer is overheating from blockages in the ventilation. You can start by clearing lint traps to unblock ventilation and calling a professional to check if the vent passage is clear or fix the dryer if it’s an electrical issue.

Knowing the signs of a failing dryer helps you take proactive measures before it becomes a more severe problem. Routine dryer maintenance can also rectify most issues and help prevent premature breakdowns. Contact us at DeSantis Appliance & AC Service Inc to schedule a service appointment with a technician.

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