The proper insulation of your Summerfield, Florida, home is crucial for energy efficiency and comfort all year. If you notice hot or cold spots in your home or higher-than-normal energy bills, then there is a possibility that poor insulation is the culprit. Here are the following things that negatively impact your home’s insulation.

Water Damage

Water damage in the home can have a serious effect on insulation. Roof leaks can lead to wet insulation in the attic and the walls. When insulation becomes wet, it gets damaged and results in biological growth, which can foster microbial spread in the home and cause problems with your IAQ. Additionally, wet, damaged insulation will need replacement because it won’t effectively maintain consistent temperatures.

Pest Problems

The presence of pests in your home, even if it’s only a few, is often a sign that they have been there for a while. Pests will tend to hide in the walls and attic before they make their presence known in the home, so by the time you detect them, you could possibly have an infestation.

When pests infest your home, they will make their nests in warm, comfortable places, and insulation definitely fits that bill. This means they are likely to have left urine and fecal matter in your insulation and have destroyed some of it to make their nest.

After removing pests from your home, you should replace the damaged insulation to prevent problems with your IAQ and make sure that the insulation stays effective.


If your home’s insulation is old, chances are it will be ineffective. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your home’s insulation every 10 to 15 years.

Signs of Faulty Insulation

To detect damaged insulation, look out for the following signs:

  • Varying temperatures at different parts of the home
  • High levels of dampness in the home
  • An increase in cost of energy bills
  • Worn-looking insulation

If you’ve experienced water damage or pest problems in your home, it has likely affected your insulation and IAQ. Contact us today at 352-414-2328 to learn more about improving your insulation.

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