Like other household appliances in your Wildwood, Florida, home, your washing machine will eventually wear out. However, catching a problem early gives you a chance to repair it before it becomes worse. You can also avoid replacing your washer. If you notice strange noises, a drum that doesn’t spin, or unusual water levels, you should have your washing machine checked by an expert.

Strange Noises

An unevenly loaded or overloaded washing machine could produce grinding or grumbling noises. You should avoid overloading your washing machine, and you should try to make your loads as balanced as possible. Otherwise, you could strain your machine’s motor. If the noise appears even when you’re washing a light load, you could already have a problem with your motor.

A Washing Machine That Won’t Work

If your washing machine isn’t spinning or agitating to wash your clothes properly, try shutting off your washer for a few minutes, rearranging your clothes to make the load more balanced, and turning your machine on again. Many washing machines will shut off automatically if they sense that the motor is overheating. You should also make sure that your device is plugged in and check your home’s circuit breaker. If those steps don’t work, schedule a repair or replacement.

Unusual Water Levels

If there’s not enough water in your washing machine or it’s slow to fill up and start working, there could be a twist or kink in the hose, a malfunctioning water intake valve, or a delayed cycle selection. You could also have low water pressure because of a leak. If the water won’t drain after you’re done washing your clothes, you could have a clogged drain or a blocked hose.

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