3 Most Common Refrigerator Problems in The Villages, FL

Your refrigerator plays an important role in preserving your food and saving you from several trips to the store. However, refrigerators suffer from wear and tear just like other appliances in your Wildwood, FL home. While some refrigerator problems are minor, others can be extreme and require a professional technician’s knowledge.

1. Water Leakages

Water leakage is one of the most common refrigerator issues. The leading causes of water leakage include a clogged or cracked water supply line, a blocked defrost drain, or a frozen water supply line.

To solve the problem, inspect the water supply line to check if there are any tears or leaks. Alternatively, if you suspect an issue with the defrost drain, you should contact a professional comfort expert who can locate the defrost hose at the back of the refrigerator and clean it to remove any clogged debris.

2. Too Noisy

Your refrigerator shouldn’t generate too much noise when in operation. If it does, there may be something wrong with the refrigerator fans.

The evaporator and condenser fans run concurrently, and if there is an issue with either of the fans, it can make your unit louder. Check these fans to find if their motors are functioning correctly.

3. Not Dispensing Ice

Dirty water filters can block your unit from dispensing ice or water. Remember that filters require regular replacements because they collect and store contaminants during filtration. Check the recommended replacement schedule for your filter and mark the date on the calendar to help you remember.

New refrigerator models come with a sensor that reminds you when to change your filters. You may also have to change the water valve if it’s clogged.

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