Many home improvements can lower your utility bills and extend your HVAC system’s life by reducing wear and tear. Increasing your Wildwood, Florida, home’s efficiency can also help the environment by reducing pollution. You can save energy by installing a programmable thermostat, adding insulation, and using an indoor air purifier.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

You can set a programmable or smart thermostat to turn down your HVAC system while you’re away or asleep. Then it will start returning your home to a more comfortable temperature about half an hour before you wake up or come home. This lets you save power without reducing your comfort.

A smart or learning thermostat can connect to cameras or motion sensors to learn your routine over time. Many units will remind you to change your heater or air conditioner’s air filter and get inspections from a professional at least once per year for optimal efficiency. They can let you know if your system’s energy use goes up as well.

Add Insulation

Many types of insulation can become compressed over time, losing some of its effectiveness. Pests can also waste energy by creating holes. If you have an older home or some of your rooms always feel drafty or warm, you may need additional insulation. Seal gaps around electrical outlets or light switches with caulk and add weather stripping underneath doors and windows. You should get an expert to check your ductwork for leaks as well.

Use an Indoor Air Purifier

An indoor air purifier uses an air filter to remove pollen, pet dander, dirt, dust, biological growth and other contaminants from your home. It can also save energy by keeping your HVAC system’s air filter clean longer and increasing airflow.

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